Costing for training:

E TO C = R1600.00 3 WEEKS
E TO C = R1400.00 SELF STUDY
B = R 1250.00
B = R 1150.00 SELF STUDY
Armed Response = R1300.00
A = R1350.00
E ONLY =R500.00
D ONLY =R600.00
C ONLY =R750.00


MIG training academy has two well established training centers with T numbers 430 and 464 Tshwane and Johannesburg regions. We are also SASSETA accredited REG: 091955507817

MIG facilitate a range of training to officers serving in all security fields from industrial ,commercial ,retails, CIT ,armed response, Dog handlers and fire arm competence.

We provide continuous and proper training of private security officers that most certainly and collective fight against crime

We provide specialized training which includes grades E TO A.

We also assist and ensure that the successfully students are accredited with Psira.

MIG also engages with the previously disadvantaged communities to assist in job creation.

Youth are trained and then assisted with job placements.